Practice English and have fun in California!


Summer School
English Experience
Field-Based Learning

CalCC is ready for 2022 Summer School! We will have fun and we will be safe by following all the protocols required by the County and State!

The most significant difference with Summer 2022 is our Field-Based English Learning Experience! Students will be inside spaces only for a few hours a week. The rest of their language learning experience will be in the field! It means that they will have a field trip to the places listed-below, almost every day, and they will learn on a subject accordingly.

* CalCC may change places and events without further notice.

Tours & Trips

CalCC Summer School 2022 is a fantastic way to discover life in California as well as an enriching summer opportunity to get experience by:

√ Learning in a safe and structured atmosphere.
√ Becoming familiar with a new learning environment.
√ Meeting students from different schools and countries.
√ Developing lasting friendships with peers who share similar interests.
√ Enhancing self-confidence through accomplishing goals.



We bring our students to colleges and universities to offer a taste of what life would be like in U.S. higher education institutions.

Mission College
Mission College
UCSC Silicon Valley Extention
UCSC Silicon Valley Extension
Cal State East Bay
Cal State East Bay


We will have our camping experience at Bonny Doon in Santa Cruz, with strict safety policies and following the guidelines set forth for schools by county and state officials. You will even put up your tent and have fun doing it with your friends.

Parents are also welcome to join with a special price.

Our Admin staff and teachers have been vaccinated already. And hopefully, all of our students will be vaccinated by the end of Summer 2022.


This year we have two options for adults (Age 16 and older): 3 weeks and 2 weeks!
And a NEW option for teenagers (Ages 13-16): 2 weeks in August! Parent/Legal Guardian needed!

The prices are as follows:

3 Weeks (Age 16+) 2 Weeks (Age 16+) 2 Weeks (Ages 13-16)
Parent/Legal Guardian required. ($1750/parent)
July 4 - July 24, 2022 August 12 - 25, 2022 July 27 - August 9, 2022
School + Trips $1650 $1350 $1350
Room + All Meals + Insurance $1750 $1150 $1150
TOTAL COST $3400 $2500 $2500

Parents are also welcomed to join with a special price.
Parent/Legal Guardian: $1750 (Accommodation + All Meals + Tours + Insurance for 2 weeks)

Our Admin staff and teachers have been vaccinated.

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