TOEFL / IBT Preparation


The TOEFL Preparation course is designed to help students develop and train the skills of listening, writing, speaking, and reading required for the TOEFL test for academic life at a university in the United States as well as for professional license requirements. The class is intensive and requires students’ full time commitment to the program. Students will learn critical thinking skills and strategies that will help them feel confident while taking the test. The curriculum of the course is always based on the latest version of the TOEFL test.


The overall goals are to help students to:

1. Increase their cumulative test scores.

2. Develop confidence and technique in TOEFL test taking.

3. Improve accuracy in speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Skills to be Learned and Measured

1. Weekly TOEFL quizzes: There will be a TOEFL quiz at the end of each week in each of the four skills to monitor progress.

2. Assignments: Students will be given homework assignments to help learn and practice the concepts covered in class.


Instructional Method

Classroom lecture, classroom assignments and Lab practice. TOEFL instructors will check student progress every session. Students will receive a grade report detailing their progress in each of the covered skills. In addition, attendance and class participation are factors taken into account.

Important Issue for F-1 Students

International students with F-1 visa must take minimum of 6 hours of additional ESL courses to satisfy the 18-hour minimum attendance requirements.

Placement Test

To be able to qualify for TOEFL / IBT Preparation Program students must complete high intermediate level.