Student Testimonials

International students from around 35 different countries in the world chose CalCC for its unique qualities.  CalCC staff and teachers create a safe and happy environment for our students to feel like they are at home while they are learning.  See below some testimonials in which students share their experiences at CalCC:

Isabelli Ferreira Jaques


Javier Ruiz Duran


Adriana Guarin Gomez


"I always felt CalCC as my family.  I think this is very important, especially when we start from zero, when everything is new and when the new life is not easy at all.  CalCC helped me to grow, to view the world in a different way.  But the most important part is that the main objective "Learning English" can be accomplished here.  Great teachers, great staff and well structured program for learning English as a Second Language."

Yaqi Yuan


"First of all, I feel like at home here, they provide coffee, potluck once a month and a good kitchen.  Second, good teachers and excellent staff make everything enjoyable.  Classes are fun and useful and teachers are knowledgeable.  They not only care about students studying and learning, but also about students' life.  Third, activities give great chances for students to taste American culture by celebrating all the holidays, and they also have field trips and camping.  Fourth, I like the flexible schedule of classes here because choosing between 2 days or 3 days a week is convenient for studying and running my personal errands.  So I do recommend to my friends and anybody to study at CalCC."

Hatice Argul


"CalCC has offered me very good opportunities to enrich my life.  A chance to participate in trips and other events.  Teachers are very good and they are not only my teachers but also my friends.  I like and learn a lot of things from the books that we use in class.  The school schedule is very good.  I have made a lot of wonderful friends.  I appreciate every teacher and every staff at the school."

Angelina Correia


"CalCC turned out to be my second home.  When I came here I was scared and with a lot of anxiety about my life in the U.S.  The school staff helped me a lot talking to me in a simple way and making me understand that I needed to slow down and start my English learning without fears.  After nine months I feel very prepared and I'm very thankful to the school and the staff for everything.  I'll never forget all the amazing people I met at the school."

Yujie Song


“After 9 months of studying here I am very satisfied with the results that I have had at CalCC.  First, the school staff is very nice and treat us as family.  We have a lot of activities at the campus: potlucks, BBQ party, and a lot of holiday celebrations.   Every event is fully prepared and every student is enjoying.  Second, the teachers are very patient with us and they are very professional.  Besides learning English from them, I also got some guidelines about how to live in the U.S. which is very useful for foreigners.  I appreciate the relaxing environment to study and learn English and I have made a lot of friends.  CalCC is not just a language school but like a big family and I hope I can visit the school in the future.”

Huijuan Li


“This is a charming school!  Most people think that learning English is very difficult if English is not your mother tongue.  Obviously it is the same for me.  I started to learn English one year ago.  Sometimes I was disappointed because my English was not improving quickly.  I got to know CalCC because my friend came to study here, so I looked it up online.  Then I learned about some other friends who came here so I decided to register.  Once I got here I was impressed by the students' activities which are very diverse.  I also like the programs offered.  Writing is my weakness, but after I took the writing class, I think I'm not so bad at writing now.  Especially I would like to say thank you to my writing class teacher.  I feel very good when I'm at CalCC.  I will recommend this school to all my friends, it's a wonderful school.”`

Sonia Kazmierczak


"What I like most at CalCC is the atmosphere and the supporting staff.  Classes are very well organized and the teachers are patient, very knowledgeable and always willing to help each student.  The schedule is excellent, either 2 days or 3 days a week which leaves time to study, rest and take care of personal things."

Kristhyn Duran


"Since I started at CalCC I felt I am part of a family.  Living abroad and trying to adapt to a new culture is a very difficult thing for a foreign person.  Fortunately institutions like CalCC have great programs and great staff that make you feel like you are in your home country.  I'm so fortunate that I studied at CalCC because it prepared me very well to transfer to the university without having to take extra English courses."

Tung Lam


"There are so many things I like about CalCC.  The programs, the activities and the teachers.  I was a student in the ABC class and what I like the most about this class is the presentations we have to make.  I wasn't very confident when I stood in front of people to present a topic, but now I feel better, I can present naturally and I'm very confident in myself.  I feel I'm prepared to enroll in college now."