Professional ESL - Part Time / Evening


The ESL Professional program provides non-native speakers with the necessary tools and practice to effectively communicate in English and succeed in the ever-changing global market. This program offers a more comprehensive curriculum that involves not only learning English, but also using the language as a medium to effectively prepare students to choose the right major in their school planning.


This program is comprised of 4 comprehensive modules. Each module is sub-divided into 3 sessions of 4 weeks each. Every 4 weeks session is designed to focus on a different career field/industry (e.g. Social Media, Hospitality, Sports, Human Resources, Accounting, Computer Science, Fashion Design, etc).


Students can book a single module or multiple modules of this program.


Monday to Thursday  -  7pm tp 9pm


Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

  • Successfully engage in conversation in professional and social settings.
  • Read articles, reports and information in English and be able to summarize the main points verbally and in writing.
  • Communicate clearly and appropriately over the telephone or e-mail.
  • Outline and lead a topic for a meeting, discussion and debate.

Skills to be Learned and Measured

Learn how to give and receive constructive criticism in order to successfully re-write reports, resumes and presentations.  Gain confidence in managing difficult situations and intercultural communication

Instructional Method

Classroom lecture, small group discussions, classroom assignments, homework, quizzes and exams.

Placement Test

Students are required to have Intensive English skills of Level 5 or above. In order to determinate this we give a Placement Test for the new students and a Level Advancement test for the current students.