Conversation in Culture


The Conversation in Culture program is a wonderful opportunity for international students to practice speaking and understanding conversational English in small groups with classmates who are at approximately the same level of English proficiency.


Students will be studying English using different cultural topics of the United States like Food , Movies, Drama, and Outdoor Activities. They will also develop cultural understanding in today's global community by connecting with people from different cultures through conversation. This program is specifically designed for Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced level English Language Learners to improve both speaking and listening skills and explore aspects of the English language in various life and professional scenarios


Tuesday and Thursday  -  8:30 am to 2:10 pm


By participating in  this program, students will be able to:

  • Gain experience speaking English as a global language with peers from a variety of language backgrounds in a social context using life-skill vocabulary and other linguistic features.
  • Speak and understand American English with more confidence in classes which focus on real-life communication through cultural themes. Understand and recognize the appropriate American culture and manners in various situations.
  • Immerse themselves in global cultures as the focus of their listening, speaking, reading, and writing practice.
  • To refresh their language skills before attending an American college or university.
  • Visit nearby spots of historic and cultural interest through class field trips and practice of the language skills they have developed, engaging in intercultural exchange and develop cultural sensitivity.
  • Identify formal and informal uses of English and use the correct register per situation.

Skills to be Learned and Measured

Listen to the instructor, special speaker and each other courteously and respond appropriately. Apply the vocabulary related to the language of the cultural theme studied. Recognize a variety of high-frequency idioms in conversation. Be able to ask questions and interact effectively after hearing a presentation. To express one’s opinions and respond to questions clearly, demonstrate skills in employing vocabulary and other linguistic features. Perform dialogues and role plays using correct intonations, expressions, and emotions.

Instructional Method

Classroom lecture, small group discussions, media exposure, student presentations, course readings, field trips, classroom assignments and homework.

Placement Test

Students placing at the institution's Academic ESL Beginning (Level 1) or Academic ESL Low Intermediate (Level 2) can enroll in Conversation in Culture Beginning.


Students placing at the institution's Academic ESL Intermediate (Level 3) or Academic ESL High Intermediate (Level 4) can enroll in Conversation in Culture Intermediate.


Students placing at the institution's Academic ESL Advanced (Level 5) or Academic ESL , High Advanced (Level 6) can enroll in Conversation in Culture Advanced.


In order to determine this, CalCC gives a Placement Test for the new students and Level Advancement test for the current students.

Students can choose to enroll for 4, 8 or 12 weeks for the level they are qualified.

The clock hours vary depending on the weeks booked:  4 weeks = 48 hours of classes / 8 weeks = 96 hours of classes / 12 weeks = 144 hours of classes.