Academic ESL


Students will learn the basic skills needed to survive in an English speaking environment.

Listening and reading comprehension will be stressed strongly during the first level.


In the second and third levels, students will improve their communication, grammar and pronunciation skills along with their vocabulary. They will also be introduced to the cultural values of American society enabling them to assimilate with ease. They will be introduced to additional terminology and hands-on training using word processing. Computer assisted instruction will be utilized with Internet to create international communications.


Fourth and fifth level ESL students will improve their communication skills. They will prepare documents using the basic guidelines of developing an outline, researching and composing the findings of this research around the defined outline. Vocabulary and grammar skills will be improved to reach the level required to prepare such documents.


Sixth level ESL students will utilize language skills learned in earlier levels and apply them to content requiring critical thinking. Students research, analyze and discuss topics related to literary content. They are expected to produce presentations and convey their ideas orally and clearly. They are assigned to draft and write topical and thematic essays.


Upon completion of this program students will be able to:

1. Use correct English in an English speaking environment.

2. Understand the verbal and written communications in an ethnically mixed environment.

3. Understand the cultural connotations of the language in its context.

4. Understand, accept and adapt the social values in the USA.

6. Develop grammatically correct documents.

7. Perform a critical analysis of literature both orally and in writing.

8. Conduct research related to assigned topic / theme.

Skills to be Learned and Measured

Ability to read and understand English content in all aspects; ability to communicate orally in both academic and social settings; ability to write clear and concise essays.


Instructional Method

Classroom lecture, small group discussions, computer assisted teaching, classroom assignments, homework, quizzes, exams, formal presentations, analysis and field trips.

Placement Test

Students will be placed in the appropriate level of English classes, according to the results of the Placement Test which is given to them before they start their ESL training.